Arveva Limited is a German-Japanese car company. It is best known for making luxury cars (most often SUVs), but the company has also been known to make top-rated economic cars.

History Edit

Early Beginning Edit

Arveva Limited was founded in 1989 by German mechanical engineer Michael Dannenberg. It was named previously as Dannenberg Automotive Engineering, GmbH. Dannenberg's ultimate focus in the company's goal was reliability and affordability mixed fuel efficiency He had planned to include a luxury feel in DAE's line-up to some extent. The first car Dannenberg had designed was DAG 990 Kurzwagen, a compact car available in sedan and four-door hatchback body styles. The 990 Kurzwagen was sold in 1990 and had a 1.4 litre SOHC "1.4SE". The Kurzwagen wasn't a best seller: Many people complained about the car's transmission being supported by plastic components, unreliable radio the car had and mostly the car's door mechanisms. The 990 Kurzwagen had a revision in 1992 as Anubias Dannenberg was able to make a deal with a growing Japanese business that specialized in mechanical engineering. The 1992 revision had airbags, durable transmission components.

Current Line-up Edit

  • Arveva Revka (started production in 2014): Mid-size sedan.
  • Arveva Sorve: Mid-size SUV
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