My name is CarCrazedAlex586 and these are my wiki rules, so read them!

Page rules

  • Made-up models of real car brands are allowed, such as post-2010 Pontiac cars. If you link the real brand, make sure to link it to Wikipedia! Real car brands and real car models will be removed, but real car models are allowed if you have a made-up generation on the same page.
  • Cars from games are allowed, if you provide complete information!
  • No commercial vehicles or trucks are allowed.
  • No non-land vehicles, such as boats, planes and helicopters.
  • Cars shouldn't have swear word-derived names or sexual names.
  • This wiki must use American English spelling, even if you're from an English Commonwealth state. Any use of British English will be changed to American English. Also, no other language can be used here, just American English.
  • No vandalism, you will be banned permanently.
  • No pornographic or violent images. They will be removed from the page and even the whole wiki itself, and you will be removed too!
  • Don't post images that doesn't have anything to do with cars or whatever. You can post non-car images on your user page.

Comment rules

  • No flame wars.
  • Do not post hate comments on the cars such as saying "This car sucks". However, you may post reviews that contain constructive criticism.
  • Please do not use profanity in the comments.
  • No spam comments.
  • No comments leading to inappropriate links.
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