Mandalay Motor Company is a Japanese car manufacturer based in Kobe, Osaka, Japan. This company makes passenger vehicles, sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and trucks as well. They also make sportscars, too. The 1967 Mandalay GTX Sport is the very first car model ever made by Mandalay. It is founded in 1964. It is owned by General Motors.

Models Edit

  • Unova (SUV)
  • Annis (Compact)
  • GTX (Classical Convertible)
  • Freestyle (Mid-size sedan)
  • Dragon (Sports car)
  • Annis Leon (Sports car)
  • Familia (Minivan)
  • Magna (Rebadged Chevrolet Suburban)
  • Parva (Rebadged Chevrolet SSR)
  • Minima (Rebadged Chevrolet Spark)
  • Dominator (Luxury sedan)
  • Petit (Based on the Renault Clio)
  • Princess (Sedan)
  • Yuniku (Based on the Citroen C4 Cactus)
  • Compassor (Van)
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